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Bad Magic
Released: 8/27/15

1. Victory or Die
2. Thunder and Lightning
3. Fire Storm Hotel
4. Shoout Out All of Your Lights
5. The Devil
6. Electricity
7. Evil Eye
8. Teach Them How to Bleed
9. Til the End
10. Tell Me Who to Kill
11. Checking on Your Screams
12. When the Sky Come Looking For…
13. Sympathy for the Devil

As the old saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This very much applies to Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey, the rock icons of Motorhead who have stayed true to their formula of heavy blues and fast and heavy hard rock that with the two combined has always worked for them over the past forty years. Though recently Lemmy has been dealing with some health issuses that makes him realize that not even he is indesctructible, the rock and roll madman proves that Motorhead still has plenty of gas left in the tank with their 22nd album, “Bad Magic”.
One of the great things about these guys is that their music is absolutely timeless. For example, if you listen to the opening track “Victory or Die”, you wouldn’t be able to tell if it was something they had done recently or a track that came from one of their earlier albums decades ago. Their second track, “Thunder and Lightning” comes crashing through the gates with Phil shredding on guitar and despite any health problems Lemmy is still able to get his lyrics out with his usual grit and menace. “The Devil” is one of the catchiest songs on the album and has a groove to it that you can really dig your teeth into. With the power rocker ballad “Til the End”, Motorhead shows their softer side which is rarely heard though they did have one before on their previous album “Aftershock”. The cover of The Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the Devil” is fantastic  but that’s really nothing surprising. If you have heard any of their past covers such as Ted Nugent’s “Cat Scratch Fever” you know that they know how to do covers and they do them very well.
There are people out there who have said that they are tired of Motorhead’s sound and would like them to change it up. But honestly, why? If you have something good for so long why change it? Lemmy is his own person and knows what works and what doesn’t. So in my opinion, keep doing what you’re doing guys. Myself and many, many others out there love it.
-Katy LeStrange

“Instinctus Bestialis”
Released: 06/08/15
SoulSeller Records

1. Radix Matorum
2. Dionysian Rite
3. Ad Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus
4. Come Night
5. Burn His Light
6. Rage
7. Kala Brahman
8. Awakening.

It’s now been six years since the return of the mighty Gorgoroth and fans from all over have been waiting for the latest release, “Instinctus Bestialis” with understandable anticipation to see just what Infernus and the rest of the crew have in store for them.
I can thankfully say that they definitely do not disappoint. Infernus proves that he has the chops and songwriting abilities to restore the faith of any haters in the past and make them present day believers. With no surprise the opening track, “Radix Malorum”, is absolutely crushing. Coming out of the gates with scalding riffs in a feverish thrash-like rhythms and some incredible hooks.
While there are some who are still on the fence with the new vocalist, I believe that bringing in Attereigner was a wise choice and there are some spot-on similarities to the rasping vocals and shrieks of Pest.
Tracks such as “Ad Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus” and “Rage” head into more of a melodic direction with a haunting and melancholy atmosphere. “Rage” is a tad bit more chaotic with old-school black metal riffing but it soon shuts down to then move in the more somber direction.
“Instinctus Bestialis” is a fantastic album that brings back that early black metal sound. Back when it was vicious, dark and just raw. It gives me hope that maybe others will return to this style as well. I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this album and give it a listen!

-Kat Von B




Released: 02/15

Century Media

Reviewed: 04/07/15

  1. Frontschwein
  2. The Blood Beast
  3. Afrika
  4. Wartheland
  5. Rope of Regret
  6. Between the Wolf-Packs
  7. Nebelwerfer
  8. Falaise- Cauldron of Blood
  9. Doomsday Elite
  10. 503
  11. Thousand-Fold Death


If you are new to the black metal scene and are looking for something to begin your collection with, I would have to say that there is no one better to start with than the almighty Marduk. Starting out in 1990, the black metallers have a dozen albums out and are now releasing their 13th album titled, “Frontschwein”, meaning “frontline soldier”. Very fitting for this World War II themed album that holds a very familiar sound from the “Panzer Division” days. Not only can these guys summon the sounds of traditional black metal but also forge ahead with a distinct style that will keep them as one of the most prominent band in the scene for years to come.


From the beginning you can hear that the tracks incorporate a certain mood and theme. Fierce blast beats and tremendous riffing are at the core but there is a very somber and melancholy vibe to “Frontschwein” that really brings out some terrific atmosphere. To catch this, you really have to listen to the whole album in its entirety not in separate listening sessions. You’ll hear what makes them unique when you hear tracks such as “Nebelwerfer” which is very dark and carries and slower and more prodding rhythm as opposed to the upbeat marching tempo on “The Blood Beast”. On the second half of the album some of the guitar riffs may appear to be a bit repetitive but that will fade as the music and lyrics are fully revealed to you.


All in all, this album is an excellent addition to your black metal collection or if just starting out then this will definitely be a good one to begin with. The vocals are excellent throughout and especially when the drums are slowed down and you are able to focus more on the savage screams from Mortuus. The creativity is noticeable and there is plenty of it. I highly recommend you getting yourself a copy!


-Kat Von B