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On Set With John Carpenter
Kim Gottlieb-Walker

Growing up as a true fan of horror, I was well familiar of John Carpenter’s and famous films such as “Halloween”, “The Fog” and “Christine”. But to tell you the truth I had no idea who Kim Gottlier-Webb was or that she was responsible for all those beautiful shots that we saw from those great films.

Kim first began taking 33mm stills as a freshman at UC Berkeley before transferring oer to UCLA and majoring in movie production. After graduating with honors, Kim began covering interviews and live concerts for underground newspapers as well as getting her first job on television shooting the ShaNaNa show.
She then was hires to shoot a small independent film who’s script supervisor at the time was Debra Hillm, who later on became the producer for “Halloween” and many other films. The film was never released but Debra remembered Kim’s fantastic work and hired her on to be a part of Carpenter’s team. Together they shot “Halloween”, “The Fog”, “Escape From New York” and “Christine” as well as “Halloween II”.

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“On the Set” contains a ton of photos from those films she worked on, mostly in black and white but there a few color photos thrown in. Kim’s talent and the energy she brings out from her subjects are clearly seen in every image along with the care and passion she put into it. The book is broken up into different sections showing great behind the scene shots of the cast and crew and little rarities like P.J Soles’ husband at the time, Dennis Quaid, visiting the set of Halloween.

You get a sense of what it would be like working with John Carpenter’s team and how everyone was like a family and were really to support and help out as well as have a good time. There are great little ancdotes from either Debra or John about the actors and the crew and how great it was working with them and vice-versa. There are some fantastic photographs in here that you won’t be able to find just anywhere and Kim really captures the look and feel of that time, bringing back a lot of nostalgia for the reader. The book itself looks incredible and is full of fun little facts and bits of informatiomn that horror fans will appreciate. This is essential for to be part of any horror collection, I highly recommend it!
-Katy Lestrange

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