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Kate Smith  Founder/Publisher/Editor/Writer/Reviewer

I have been a fan of metal since I can remember, my love of of metal has always drove me to support the scene either by going to shows, buying band’s t-shirts, or their CDS (well back then they were cassette tapes). Throughout my high school years and early twenties I especially grew  fond of the death metal and black metal scene which led me to research just what type of and how many bands were out there and to my happy surprise came to find that there were more than just a few. When metal started going on a down cycle in the mid-nineties I still remained dedicated when others decided it was “uncool” to listen to the bands I loved and just left them behind. My dedication and knowledge paid off and by my late twenties I landed my first writing gig for  a website called “Nu Metal”, ha! It was a lot of fun but the publisher eventually lost interest and shut it down, I found out that came to be true for a lot of sites I wrote for. I got burned out on the publishers shutting down their sites with no warning and stopped writing for a while. I as offered to start booking shows for bands in the Bay Area through a friend of mine. Of course I was more than happy to have a way to continue supporting the metal and punk scene even more. I did that for a few years but found myself missing having the time to write and listen to music so I eventually came back to it through the welcome of the ladies of one of my very favorite websites that I was lucky enough to write for, FourteenG! Most wonderful women who are nothing but dedicated to the metal scene! After a few years of writing for them I came to the realization that I really wanted to start my own site and this where I am today. Starting this off as a blog that will eventually become a website that I hope readers from all over will enjoy! My goal is to give coverage to the awesome bands that I had the privilege of listening to as I was growing up. But not national bands I want to give the underground scene as much support and coverage as possible as well! But this site won’t be just about music, we want to bring films, books, our own personal rants and raves that hopefully readers from all over will want to check out and relate to! With great writers like Mike Salemi, I think this is going to go on to be something really fantastic! Enjoy!! \m/\m/


Mike Salemi  Publisher/Editor/Writer/Reviewer

Half of me always wanted to be a writer. The other half needed to be a musician. So I did both to one degree or another for most of my life. I began playing drums at age 10, and writing short stories around the same time. As a teenager I got heavily into horror novels and movies, which steered my writing in that direction and eventually my music as well. I began playing horror punk and deathrock and writing lyrics of a dark and sometimes occult nature (magick and other occult themes are subjects I had also studied since I was young). In my 20’s I began writing screenplays and taking film classes, wanting to get into the film business as a writer/director. Eventually the director idea fell by the wayside, but I continued to write scripts off and on. The next step will be a novel someday. In the 1990’s I had been heavily inspired by the resurgence of black metal, which emerged mostly from Scandinavia. I was growing extremely bored with music and it came along at just the time I needed it. Black metal incorporated all the elements together into one package that had ever inspired me. It was the angriest, most rebellious music ever, and I knew in the back of my mind I wanted to play it someday. Eventually I got the chance, and in 2003 I began doing vocals and writing lyrics for black and death metal bands. In 2010 I stopped drumming altogether and concentrated entirely on vocals. At present I am trying to find an agent to help me sell my scripts and writing and recording with my black/death metal band. I am also considering producing a low-budget film of my own…

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