Death Metal Reviews


 Amon Amarth
Release Date: 3/16
Review Date: 4/11/16
1. First Kill
2. Wanderer
3. On a Sea of Blood
4. One Against All
5. Raise Your Horns
6. The Way of the Vikings
7. At Dawn’s First Light
8. One Thousand Burning Arrows
9. Vengeance is My Name
10. A Dream That Cannot Be

The mighty vikings have returned to bring us their trademark sound of melodic brutality and to tell a tale of battle, blood, love and adventure. Though they rarely deviate from that usual style each album has proved  to be unique and distinctive and it is no different with their latest release, “Jomsviking”.
The story that’s told is of course one that ends tragically but these are the ones that always captivate and affect us the most. Each track is strong in it’s own way but the one I’ve been listening to the most is “Raise Your Horns”. Carrying an upbeat tempo, catchy lyrics and memorable lyrics, this is the one that probably will sound the greatest live.
“A Dream that Cannot Be” ends the album perfectly by having the legendary Doro Pesch (Warlock) join Johannes on vocals giving it beautiful contrast and harmony with Hegg’s low growls. In almost 20 years this is the first album to not have Fredrik Andersson on drums. But the new drummer, Tobias Gustaffson (Vomitory), fills his large shoes with absolutely no problem.
Amon Amarth have been delivering high quality albums throughout the years without disappointment. They have done it again with “Jomsviking”., bringing  a fantastic story to life that includes heartbreak and bloodshed. These metal warriors know how to give their fans exactly what they want and wouldn’t want it any other way.
-Katy LeStrange

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