Interview Done By: Katy Lestrange

All around the world Frost is known for his impressive drumming skills with black metal bands such Gorgoroth, 1349 and of course Satyricon. I had the pleasure of being able to chat with Frost about what got him started playing drums, his years with Satyricon, their new album coming out and celebrating the 20th anniversary of one of their greatest albums “Nemesis Divina”.

And Metal For All: Thank you so much Frost, for taking the time to do this interview with us. We really appreciate it!
Frost: Of course, it’s my pleasure.
AMFA: This is the anniversary of the great “Nemesis Divina” how was it for you to re-visit the material?
Frost: It was definitely nostalgiac for us. It was also a bit hard for us to remember the songs (laughs) we hadn’t played them for so long. So it was a bit of a challenge to re-learn everything. But it also put us back in touch with that old energy. The energy we had when we first did the album.
AMFA: After hearing it again, is there anything you would change on the album?
Frost: It was a very different time back then and we were a different band. We were in a special place back then. There’s nothing on the album I would change. We just want to appreciate the period of time and who were when we made “Nemesis”.
AMFA: What are your favorite tracks on “Nemesis”?
Frost: There are two that I would pick as my favorites. “The Dawn of a New Age” and “Immortality Passion”. The raw determination and relentlessness of both. The passion behind the songs bring something very special and sums up the album perfectly.
AMFA: What got you interested in playing drums?
Frost: I was always interested in music. A big fan starting at a very young age but I didn’t start playing drums until I was 14 or 15. I knew I wanted to play extreme metal. I was always drawn to it. But the more I played the more I learned about the rhythm and technique. I staerted feeling the rhythm with other instruments as well. Playing drums really helped me grow as a musician.
AMFA: How do you think your drumming style differs playing in Satyricon as to playing in a band like 1349?
Frost: They are very different styles. That’s why I love playing in both bands. 1349 is way more intense and there’s alot more going on energy wise. With Satyricon it’s much more diverse. There’s much more expression, a larger arena to develop more ideas.
AMFA: A lot of bands and musicians in the metal scene have listed not only Satyricon but you personally as well as a huge influence. How’s it feel to be ranked as such?
Frost: It’s an honor really. I feel like there is a lot of common ground shared with these bands. We’re about the music. I care about the music the same way they do so it’s an honor to be considered an influence.
AMFA: Do you have any influences of your own?
Frost: Not really. I’ve always gotten motivation from other music but I’ve always tried to have my own sound instead of using others as influence.
AMFA: Is there a new Satyricon in the works?
Frost: There is! We’ve been making a lot of music and getting ready to record. We hope to have it out early next year.

AMFA: What can fans expect from this album?
Frost: We’re very motivated with this project so fans should expect something very powerful. Something very inspired and creative.
AMFA: Do you have any other projects coming up?
Frost: Not right now. Right now I’m focused on finishing the new Satyricon album and the live shows we have coming up.
AMFA: Speaking of live shows, Satyricon is playing Bloodstock for the first time since 2009. Are you looking forward to it?
Frost: Absolutely, especially with the anniversary of “Nemesis Divina”. We’ll be playing the album in its entirety. We’re excited to see the response from our fans and feel the energy with them as well.
AMFA: Frost, thank you again so much. It’s been great talking with you!
Frost: Anytime, it’s been great talking with you too! Thank you!

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